Is any lens sharper than this in M43?

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Re: Is any lens sharper than this in M43?

inasir1971 wrote:

I've re-shot the same scene with IBIS off and things are exactly the same

Olympus 60 @ f/5.6

Olympus 60 @ f/8

The shot with the Olympus is best at f/5.6, the f/8 image is softened by diffraction which is consistent with how I've observed other lenses to perform on the E-M5.

Voigtlander 90/3.5 + Speedbooster @ f/8 effectively f/5.6

I've just posted links to the new raw files (no jpegs) as Lightroom is definitely not processing the raw images as well as it should (the stair stepping effect pointed out by some in the images from the previous post).

Thanks for the update.

I gave them a spin through Raw Therapee with the same minimal processing.  The odd stair effect is not present (as expected), but the Oly remains noticeably softer.  (Even after some sharpening.)  Also, while the Oly's CA is good, the Voigtlander's was nonexistent.  Expected from an APO, I guess, but worth noting because the speed booster didn't add anything.

Cool comparison... Really shows what a speed booster can do with the right lens!

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