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Re: One important difference from a traditional waist-level finder...

Sean Nelson wrote:

newellj wrote:

I had the funniest revelation today. I was using the Mk2 below waist level with the screen tilted upward, and I had this 40-year flashback to when I used a Rollei TLR a great deal. I thought: "wow, this is really great!"

Back in 2008 when I bought my Canon A650 with its fully articulated LCD screen I had a similar experience - but in my case my long-dormant muscle memory kicked in. When a subject went across the LCD screen from left to right I involuntarily moved the camera from right to left to try to follow it! I used to chuckle when people couldn't figure out which way to turn when I lent them my Rollei or Bronica, but I guess the last laugh was on me!

I find the articulated LCD to be immensely useful - invaluable, really. I promised myself I'd never buy another camera with a fixed LCD, and that's why I passed up on the original RX100 (as well as several other cameras). Finally we have the Mk.II, a pocketable camera with at least a tilt LCD that's capable of 1080p60 video. It's what I've been waiting for for the last couple of years. What took so long?

Too funny (the L/R reversal).

I like the tilt screen...the fully articulated screens scare me, really.  I worry a lot about knocking them off.  The Oly and now the Sony screens don't give me those worries.

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