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Re: If true a major groundbreaking step forward for NEX

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I can't wait. I'm selling my RX1 and just got a !NEX-7 with a bunch of legacy lenses to hold me over until the 7 replacement and/or the FF-NEX.

I was wondering if NEX-7 was worth it? Selling FF sensor for APS-C one with known issues with wide angle lenses? Why? Just curious.

The issue with wide angle lens is more so with RF wides like the Voigtlander 12 and 15 and other M-Mount Lens. Plus the issue is overblown. Yes there are issues that don't appear on the 6. But much like how I don't PP every single image I take, I make the proper corrections if any on the true keepers. I can either use Corner Fix, convert to B&W, etc. Plus I have the 10-18 which handles 95% of my wide needs.

Don't get me wrong , I will miss the RX1. But as I've posted in other threads, there were too many compromises that I had to make and for me, they were too much to overcome. The images were fantastic, the combination between the FF sensor and the Zeiss pop were a match made in heaven. If the body was $1,600 and the lens were $1,600 I would have no problem buying the set. I knew going in what I was getting myself into with a fixed lens, both in terms of focal length and in terms of permanent fixture on the camera. I was able to overcome the first, but not the 2nd.

At this point I'm going to limit myself on APS-C E-Mount lenses until I decide whether to go 7 replacement or FF. But in the mean time I'll slowly load up on some quality legacy glass which I'll be able to use whichever way I go.

If the FF-NEX plus 2 Zeiss primes ends up being $5,000+ which it will be, then I'll stick with the 7 replacement. My fear is that with the absence of any concrete news on a 7 replacement, the FF-NEX will be the 7 replacement which at this point would be a nightmare for me.

I'm also starting to believe that Sony will leave only 5T and maybe 3 series - making them more full of tech, while on the same time replacing 7 series with FF NEX. If we are to believe SAR then this is how things are shaping so far. So we will have a choice of medium priced NEX-5T which is suppose to serve consumer. And pro-consumers will be moved to higher FF cameras, which won't be cheap.

That's what I'm fearing as well. I love the NEX series, every time I try something that's supposedly better and it just may be (XE-1) my bias always brings me back to Sony. Everything about the XE-1 shows it to gee a great camera but I didn't enjoy the handling, the lag in the EVF, and the outdated delete picture graphic. That just shows how biased I am because the NEX-7 supposedly has the same laggy EVF as the XE-1. But in the 7 I live with it, in the XE-1 its a deal breaker.

ive never handled a 5, my first NEX was the 6, and the grip seemed like it was molded for my hand. If the 7 doesn't get a proper replacement and its true replacement is the FF then I guess I have no choice but to get it. Maybe Sony realizes that a lower price point level works, a mid price works, but the $1,000+ mirrorless body isn't a great seller and most people at that point will look to a FF DSLR.

All these pregnant fatherhood fears. My guess is that Sony wants a complete line at every price level to cover the field against the competition since they already have markers in those price points except the FF NEX. So, the NEX 7x will come and a newer version of the NEX 6 will eventually appear. Sony will probably have an APS-C RX as well, to complete the lineup. Sure, there will be some cannibalizing but since Sony is standardizing parts where they can (sensors, EVFs, etc.) for use in multiple models, the little pain this causes is a small price to pay for a comprehensive product lineup that covers the market and customer needs/wishes.

I disagree. NEX-7 replacement if Sony wanted it to continue - would have been here already long time ago. The fact that Sony has 3 different FF sensors 24, 32 and 36Mp is not coincident. I believe one of them will be actual NEX-7 replacement supposedly announced in September. We'll see soon.

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