What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: What computer to easily process D800 files?

The biggest problem with laptops is dealing with heat. It doesn't matter how fast the processor is, it'll always get hot and so what happens is the fan will speed up and then when that won't cool the CPU down enough, the CPU throttles its speed - this is why laptops are poor for photo editing or gaming.

Build yourself a half-decent PC and trust me you will never look back.

My PC is made up of the following:

BitFenix Prodigy Case
Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe Motherboard
Intel i5-3570k CPU overclocked to roughly 4.5k
Enermax ETS-T40 CPU Cooler
8GB Kingston RAM (1600MHz)
Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD (OS & apps)
x2 Samsung 3.5" 512GB Hard Drive for storage
Corsair 80-plus PSU

I am running Windows 7 (64-bit) and Lightoom 4.x. I only have a D700 and editing those files in RAW does not even come close to slowing my rig down. I have even tried setting off multiple batches of actions in Lightroom at the same time (all on raw files) but again the CPU, RAM and SSD have no problem munching away at those files. I have played around with some D800 files and again my rig did not work up a sweat so i'm certain you'll be more than fine with a rig similar to mine - just get the basics right - decent CPU, RAM, SSD.

As for the whole i5 vs i7 debate, it basically boils down to whether you need HyperThreading or not. Some people will say you do, other will say you don't. As far as i am aware, Lightroom does not support HT - although this is not to say future versions won't. Photoshop i believe does make use of HT - but very little. If you do a search online, you'll see many sites that say the same thing. So it's just down to you whether you can justify spending approx 50% on an i7 over an i5 for something you won't be using at the moment.

I would suggest you get at least 16GB RAM.

By the way, from memory, the total cost of my build was probably around £750 - but it was money well spent.

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