Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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Jonathan Brady
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Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

Are you one of the people that are shouting from the rooftops that Canon is abandoning the "M ship" in the US because they haven't released the 11-22 in the US? Are you convinced that the M is the last iteration of the line to hit US soil?

You MUST be right because camera companies NEVER release a product in one country later than another...  And I mean EVER.

It's only theories out there right now.  Don't create a fact in your head out of something that is completely unknown.

We won't know if Canon is going to abandon the US market in regards to the M for many more months.

Here's my theory (and no, I'm not calling it a fact as many others have done with their theories)

The M was off to a VERY rocky start in the US.  Canon issued a firmware update to fix one of the major two problems with the camera.  Then, they dropped the price to fix the other major problem (lack of demand due to price).  This created a VERY LARGE and VERY ENTHUSIASTIC (and very educated, IMO) market of future M owners, should another product be in the pipeline.

They decided to hold off announcing and making available the 11-22.  This will result in people being told "no, there are no plans to release this lens" when they ask any Canon employee (executives would know if it is actually coming but won't tell you, everyone else won't actually know and will be reading from a script).  So, the official and unofficial word is "no".  Until it's announced.

When a follow up M-line camera becomes available in the US, the 11-22 will be announced alongside of it to create a synergistic buzz about top of the line AF in the camera and image quality from the lens.

I just doubt that Canon would put all of their eggs in the "M" basket in the US when the "M" was so flawed at the beginning.  It makes sense that they'd at least want to see what they're capable of capturing with a much better and more competitive camera.  ESPECIALLY with all of the buzz they've created lately.

So... that's what makes sense to me anyway...

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