Wondering why DPReview ignored the M

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tomtom50 wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

My guess it that it sold poorly and fell off their radar.

Has the fire sale really sold a lot of cameras or did it just clear existing stock?

There is not doubt whatsoever that it has sold a lot of cameras. Considering that there have been so many new purchasers reporting here that they received cameras with the new firmware, Canon was not clearing old stock.

My EOS-m had 2.0.2 loaded. It also was not sealed. There is no way to know if the firmware was updated on existing stock.

why on earth would canon do that? name one good reason why canon would spend additional money to open boxes, workbench the unit, update the firmware, close back / repackage the box - when they are selling them for half normal price? When they provide instructions and a download to the firmware update directly.

right.. because there IS no logical reason for it.

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