Vignetting in RAW Converter EX by Silkypix

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Re: Looks like a Mac fault - try a reinstall

Trevor G wrote:

If it occurs spontaneously during Development then that is a fault from somewhere else.

Looks like a fault in the Mac install. It's not something that Silkypix would ordinarily do.

The premise does not seem to apply in this instance.

The vignetting occurred spontaneously during Development.  But, after learning from Dave's statement that Silkypix EX has a specific tool for adding vignetting (Lens aberration controller -> Shading), I reopened the .RAF file, found the Lens aberration controller icon, opened the tool (it was a tool that I never had opened before), and immediately saw that the Shading slider was way to the right at 95.  How it got there, I do not know; I do know that I had not set it, as I never had seen the Lens aberration controller options -- any of them -- before.  (I am a long-time user of PTLens for correcting JPEGs, but never had downloaded Silkypix EX and experimented with RAW files until a couple of weeks ago.)

I moved the slider all the way to the left; the vignetting disappeared, and I redeveloped the file with no other changes.  The resulting JPEG (now without the vignetting) may be seen in this post in another thread.

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