Best photo editor to use with a Nexus 7?

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Re: Best photo editor to use with a Nexus 7?

Good question. I asked myself the exact same question last week. I bought a Chromebook and a Nexus 4 about a year ago and now the only thing I use my Windows laptop for is editing photos with Lightroom. I would like to eliminate Windows from my life entirely. I am not a Windows hater, in fact I love Windows and I have been using it since 2.1 in 1987. However the future for me is Google.

So a week ago I decided I was going to explore the possibilities of photo editing on a Nexus 10. However I decided to start with a first gen Nexus 7 used that was really cheap. If I can get it to work and love the results I will upgrade to a Nexus 10 when the second gen comes out in a few months.

So the first question you need to ask your brother is does he shoot RAW. If he does that is going to drastically limit the number of potential editing programs that will work for him. Most of the editors are really just for editing the jpgs shot with the phone's camera or the tablets camera and have no RAW support.

However I did find Photo Mate Professional. Not only does it work, I am really in love. It costs $3.99 for the program and $1.13 for the RAW plugin. If he is using Lightroom right now he won't even need to read the instruction manual. The program contains a clone of the Lightroom Develop module. The photo is on the left and on the right are the same controls in the same order as in LR. I almost had a heart attack. There is a God in heaven. I have been using Lightroom since Beta and that is the fact there was no official Lightroom Android app is what has been keeping me from trying this sooner.

Now the next problem is getting the shots from the DSLR (or whatever) into the tablet (assuming that is what he wants to do). You need a special USB OTG cable:

And then you will need the Nexus Media Importer to assist with the importing:

All four items will cost you around $20 total. I have just got everything except the cable which will arrive in a few days. Then I will probably have more to add to this if this avenue is of interest to you.

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