One lens vs. multiple lenses

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Re: The Thread Gets an Answer!

MarkJH wrote:

trut_maluglist wrote:

I get the sense that most of the responses in here are from photographers whose photography is what they do. My photography is typically subservient to whatever activity I'm engaged in (e.g. sporting event, fishing, travel, hiking, family event). I don't plan things around my photography.

Hey, there it is!

Why are your friends using more than one lens? Because they're more interested in photography than you are. "I don't plan things around my photography" = you just aren't that into it, dude.


(And, for the record: "I don't plan things around my photography" should also = "my criticisms and judgments of other photographers are pretty pointless, because I have no real expertise from which to draw reasonable or meaningful opinions.")

That was easy.

I can see you're more interested in winning arguments than in discussing contrasting photography styles.

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