Wondering why DPReview ignored the M

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tomtom50 wrote:

My guess it that it sold poorly and fell off their radar.

Has the fire sale really sold a lot of cameras or did it just clear existing stock?

There is not doubt whatsoever that it has sold a lot of cameras. Considering that there have been so many new purchasers reporting here that they received cameras with the new firmware, Canon was not clearing old stock.

Has Canon made it clear the series has a future in the US?

I wonder just the opposite. Has Canon made it clear the series does not have a future in the US? I haven't seen anything from Canon to indicate either way.

I can't say that if I were PDReview I would necessarily be feeling it was a top priority. As Canon's entry in the mirrorless segment I think they should get it done. I can see they may see their mission differently.

I don't see how another review will make much of a difference at this point. Anyone having bought one shouldn't care. Those that didn't jump on the reduced price by now probably won't be persuaded to now, even with a glowing review.


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