RX1 on the Amalfi Coast

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Re: RX1 on the Amalfi Coast

HankK wrote:

Wonderful Photos! I have the Coolpix A and am seriously thinking of getting the RX1. Any further comments on the two would be appreciated. This is just the opposite situation of the earlier post. For example, do you find one or the other better for people/family shots.

Not sure what to say that I haven't already. The RX1 is the best for IQ, DR, low light, etc. And it just reeks of quality (as it should for the price). But  the Nikon isn't far behind in any of these areas. So if you really prefer one focal length or the other, I'd let that guide you.

For me, people/family shots are two entirely different things. I shoot people a lot on the street and for that I prefer 28mm to anything, so I go with the Nikon for that. It also helps that the Nikon has one of the best street shooting setups I've used - the RX1 doesn't. But for family type stuff I usually try to shoot candids with a short to medium telephoto, usually the Olympus OMD with the 75mm lens (150mm equivalent). I've taken some family shots over dinner and generally prefer the Sony to the wider Nikon for that, but they're not that different for that kind of shot.

So, that part's really down to focal length preference rather than one camera being better than the other.

I personally love the combination of the "A" and the RX1, but I really feel a pretty big difference between 28mm and 35mm - some folks don't see much difference there at all, so it might make more sense to have one or the other and put the additional money into something significantly wider or longer. Just down to personal preference on that one...


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