Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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The obvious is obvious

rkhndjr wrote:

Thank you, Bob. But don't you agree that there is only so much in the camera that contributes to the IQ that exposure and composition, etc. are the most important thing? I know that people are different and some are not educated as well in technical matters, but the simplicity of photography is what I seek and am not criticizing anyone.

Of course exposure and composition and possibly etc, depending on what you include in "etc," are the most important thing. That's like arguing that a good kitchen is useless unless it has a good cook. Of course it's true. But that doesn't mean that cooks, good or bad, can't benefit from using good tools or a well designed kitchen.

If I want to get good ideas for photos, I browse several online galleries and photographer's blogs that feature work that I admire. If I want to talk about gear, I come here.

To come here to espouse the importance of the photographer is, for anyone who's been here longer than a month, extremely old news. It's a given that the photographer is key to a good photo. Everyone knows that. But for YOU to wonder aloud about it after participating on this forum for years and going through several gear angst issues makes me wonder if you're engaging in some kind of therapy to quell your gear lust.

If you're seeking the simplicity of photography and are trying to avoid technical matters, then hanging out on a site that is primarily focuses on reviewing gear is counter-productive.

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