New rumour about FF NEX

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Re: New rumour about FF NEX

George Costanza wrote:

Vlad4D wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

My hope is that the OSPDAF rev-2 will blow away all the critics and put MILC performance on par with DSLR - both in speed and accuracy. We will see how close an FF Nex can get to that...

I have no doubts it will focus fast with E-mount lens. But what is really awesome - with cheap adapter it should be possible to focus fast with ANY DSLR lens from different brands. People with tons of Canikon glass are not anymore obligated to buy only Canikon bodies and lens.

Vlad, I really doubt it will be implemented like that. The reason is the adapters won't provide sufficient speed to match that of native lenses. I mean lag between OSPDAF -> adapter -> CAnikon lens and back will be too big to make it work as fast as native lenses for E-mount (APS-C or FF). The fact is that we still don't have any EF to NEX adapter that can focus fast. That could have happened couple years ago, but it didn't.

George, that did not happen because until now NEX cameras are using contrast AF. It is not fault of adapters. Contrast AF is super slow when used with lens not designed for it. Even native Canon lens mounted on best Canon DSLR body are super slow in live view when contrast AF is used. But from now Sony (and others) will use on-sensor phase detect AF, it mean no hunting (or much less) and it means it should focus very fast. From now Sony DSLR and NEX will use same focusing technology and it means DSLR lens should focus on NEX and on true A-mount body with same speed.

Most likely next NEX cameras in combination with simple LA-EA1 or LA-EA3 adapters will focus very fast with most A-mount lens. And the only problem of A-mount AF will be the E-mount AF speed which will work even faster

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