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Re: One lens vs. multiple lenses

trut_maluglist wrote:

Thanks for the feedback. Note that the photo of the bull is at 26 mm. Yes, the lens opens up to 3.5 (at that FL), but I've been using it long enough to know that at 26 mm - and being far enough away from the subject - the buildings in the background would have still been in focus. More to the point, had I been carrying around multiple lenses, I would have been encumbered with carrying around a much larger pack (perhaps a backpack) and I would have had to spend a lot more time changing lenses.

Hi trut_maluglist,

I assume this is the Bull photo being referenced.

  • You used 1/80s, f/6.3, at 26.0mm, iso1600
  • If you want to focus on the bull and blur the background, you could have stood further back, use telephoto zoom, use larger aperture. This also has the advantage that you do not have to use ISO1600.
  • If you wanted to get the wide-angle emphasis of space/depth on bull's head and body, then you can use 18mm, stand closer to the bull, and put the camera right up against the bull's nose.

I quickly went thru your photos from Time Square in NY and Shanghai. Majority your photos are at aperture f/6.3-f/8. You can definitely shoot quicker with super zoom. But I suspect that  you don't even think about the photo, in the 1-2 sec to set the focal length and snap the photo.

The downside of having super zoom (or any zoom like kit lens) can prevent begeinning photographer from going thru creative thought process. Photographer just stand wherever he was at, zoom, and take a photo. In this sense, the resulting photo from DSLR not much different from using P&S.

If forced to use prime lens, the photographer would have to think thru the shot. What is important that photographer want to capture? Which focal length, aperture, shutter, etc to use? Of course photographer can apply the same concept with any zoom lens. Just that prime lens forces photographer to think thru before choosing the right lens, move to the right spot, and adjust the settings.

If your goal is to take hundreds of snapshots as quickly as possible, then super zoom is for you.  On the other hand, there are others out there who want to take the time, enjoy and learn photography, and think thru creative process.

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