Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

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Re: Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

amobi wrote:

j_photo wrote:

Are you comfortable dealing with the problem IF it occurs on your camera? If not, you should think twice about getting it. If yes, then go ahead.

Oil on sensors is not unique to the D600. I shoot the D800 now, but my D7000 had a pretty serious case of oil splatter and required regular sensor cleaning up until about 30,000 shutter actions after which the problem finally seemed to abate. I didn't mind doing the cleaning and it didn't interfere with my ability to use or enjoy the camera.

In the case of the D600, if you get a camera with the problem, you can exchange it, clean it, or send it to Nikon and get it fixed. But if you don't feel OK with that, then maybe better not to get the camera...

There is no such thing as sending it to Nikon to have it fixed. You send it to Nikon to have it cleaned or you clean it yourself.

You people should stop spreading out wrong information.

Is that all they do to it? That's a clear indication that it's not that serious a problem. But I had heard they were actually replacing something mechanical.

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