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Since going strictly digital in 2007, I have always used just one lens. First it was an 18-135 and later a 18-200. The only exception is when I'm doing a photo shoot of people (e.g. wedding; models) in which case I'll put on the 18-55 which came with my D5000.

Advantages of using just one lens:

1) less times changing lenses means lower likelihood of dust getting on the sensor

2) I can change from wide angle to zoom within a second or two. With two lenses, that would take a good 30-60 seconds at best.

Then why don't you just use those 50x, 60x superzoom bridge camera, most of them start with 20-24mm up to 1200mm equivalent?

City Snaps (SX50HS)

Snaps in the park (SX50HS)

Red Bull Dragon Roar 2013 with SX50HS

Stanley Dragon Boat Short Course 2013 - SX50HS

HK International Dragon Boat Carnival 2013 (SX50HS)

Stanley Dragon Boat Carnival 2013

Dragon Boat Races from the orient - SX50HS

Birds in the park - SX50HS

North American Wood Duck - Another SX50HS Collection

SX50HS Snaps form today

SX50HS Snaps

Almost all of the other photography enthusiasts I know (almost all are amateurs and most aren't even as advanced as I am) use multiple lenses. Some started out with a 18-55 and then got a 70-200 or 70-300. Others started out with something like a 70-300 and then wanted wide angle capabilities, so they'd get an 11-16 or something like that. Yet another photographer I know insists I'd be far happier using a 50 mm prime lens than an 18-200 zoom. These photographers are stuck with either having to change lenses all the time or having to stick to a certain type of photography each time they shoot. I tell all these photographers about the advantages of the 18-200 lens - especially how I can quickly change from one type of photo to another. Yet these suggestions almost always fall upon deaf ears. When one of these photographers spends his/her next $1000 on a lens, they do something strange like upgrade their 70-200 to a 70-300 rather than get a lens that covers wide angle and zoom.

Why on earth would one want to carry around several lenses when an 18-200 (or perhaps 18-135) would cover most of the types of photography they do and would eliminate the necessity of changing lenses all the time?

I don't see there's anything wrong if a photographer use single prime lens too!

Salute to Vincent van Gogh

Shooting Handball with my RX1

“WORK IN PROGRESS” Street Art Exhibition with RX1

Shooting ducks with RX1...the Rubber Duck!

Miniature Art from Hong Kong (RX1 Macro)

Miniature Art from Taiwan (RX1 Macro)

RX1 joins the Rugby 7s

RX1 @ The Longines Hong Kong Masters 2013

RX1 in CSI 5* Show Jumping

RX1 in action again

RX1 @ Longines Hong Kong Master 2013

The Ceaob

RX1 @ West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2013

RX1 & The Chinese New Year Decorations

Birds in an aviary (RX1)

RX1 in action again

RX1 @ Night

Some basketball shots by RX1

RX1 @ The Ocean Park

RX1 Garden Walk

RX1 @ Night II

RX1 @ Night

X100 @ Hong Kong Squash Open 2012

Huangshan 2012 by X100

China Ancient Town Tangmo

Tunxi Ancient Street - X100

China Ancient Water Town - X100

Hongcun by X100

Picturesque Huizhou by X100

Miniature - X100

While the SX50 looks like a good camera, I've always prefered SLRs (now DSLRs). Does the SX50 have a viewfinder which allows you to look through the lens?

While you can get good photos with a prime lens, what's not being told by your photos is the flexibility you gave up to be able to shoot with a prime. What if while shooting with a prime 50, you see something that's only going to be there for some 30-60 seconds and you want to get an 18 mm wide angle shot of it? I'll get that shot while you won't. We all have different priorities.

What happen when you need something wider than your 18mm and longer than your 200mm then? 

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