RX100 vs RX100M2

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Re: RX100 vs RX100M2

Ron AKA wrote:

What colour are the reflections of the outer glass surface on your Japan made RX100? Mine is undoubtedly green, and came from China. That may be the difference, and potentially they are even using different lens suppliers. On a closer look you can see the hotshoe and the left camera with the green reflection is the MII. If the right camera is a Japan model, then that may be the difference.

This said, I have done quite a bit of research on optics for target shooting and I don't really think there is any significance in the colour reflected.

I have a weakness in the green area (I'm an "anomalous trichromat") so I'm not the best person to ask about green/blue differences, but my wife, who has no such deficiency, says that she sees both green and blue reflected in the RX100 lens.  I no longer have the MkII, so I can't compare them directly.


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