why has the 16mm f2.8 got such a bad rep?

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Re: why has the 16mm f2.8 got such a bad rep?

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Contrast dives to zero in the corners. It isn't just sample variation.

It's even less just outside the corners..

Who gives a tinker's cuss about the extreme corners. Practical results from the field count and when it's difficult to immediately differentiate the 16mm shot from something ten or twenty times the cost it's not doing too badly.

I use Leica and C Voigtlander lenses with the N-7, and the 16mm (plus various Nikkors and an Industar 50). If it was ordinary or worse, I'd ditch it straight away. But it's not.

Well, some of us do care about the corners, especially when they are unequally soft/blurred! This is from practical experience, not some test charts. Try to take a landscape photo of a grass/wheat field for instance on a tripod stopped down to f8-11 and see the results. This is where the extreme corners DO matter. In a busy city street photo it may not be that important or obvious.

Should optical designers skip making the corners sharp because for lots of pictures they don't matter?

It would be easier.

Exactly. Why not just cut out the center and be happy?

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