V1+18.5mm lens vs Canon EOS-M+22mm lens

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Re: Both nice cams

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happypoppeye wrote:

The M will, in most circumstances, blow the V away in terms of IQ for stills but the M is slow slow slow.

They are really both very different machines and each has great IQ. For $299 the M may be the highest IQ relative to size/weight camera ever sold ...again, for stills. The V is and has been an AF superstar form the start and is one of the strengths of the system.

It's interesting now that in the Canon M forums they are asking the same exact questions that used to be asked in the V (or C) forums at about the same time ...is Canon going to just kill the system? ...are they going to come out with new lenses? ...etc, etc.

Too bad Nikon and Canon didn't become partners on this one ...the M IQ with the V speed ...now that would be something.

...and personally, I think both are better options than m43 at this point.

Completely agree. I wish Nikon and Canon can combine each of their strength to make a good mirrorless. Nikon APS-C mirrorless Coolpix A is really not that impressive in terms of performance and IQ. It is behind competitors and more expensive.

On the other hand, V1/V2 has really fast AF, AF tracking system, and fast to operate. It's really good for outdoor sport activities, and chasing kids/wild animals type of shooting. EOS-M is for still/static environment.

Except for the fact that the Nikon has a viewfinder and the Canon does not.  I played with both extensively last week - really (really) wanted to like the Canon more as the touchscreen is just  brilliant and the lenses seem superb (very nice build quality).  And I don't even mind the idea of a nice large LCD instead of a viewfinder.  Alas, my reading-glass needing eyes just couldn't cope with the viewfinderless Eos M.  I ended up with a V1 and a small collection of lenses - 18.5, 10-30 and 30-110 so far (6.7 - 13 is next on the list). If Nikon can introduce a reasonably fast and compact 35mm equivalent, this system would offer all the lenses I can see needing.  Then I can concentrate on upgrading bodies one or two generations behind.

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