One lens vs. multiple lenses

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Re: One lens vs. multiple lenses

Amamba wrote:

joejack951 wrote:

Why on Earth do people buy an interchangeable lens camera and then only ever use one lens?

To answer your question in the most simple manner, I use more than one lens when my go-to lens (24-120/4) can't do what I want to do, i.e. shoot faster, wider, longer, closer, and/or sharper. Simple as that.

You took the words right out of my mouth. If you only use one lens (and rather slow one), just get a top of the line P&S, you'd get the same IQ and better zoom range in a smaller package. Nothing wrong with that approach.

I an using interchangeable lens cameras because I like the fact that every good lens has it's own unique character, and I can often tell what lens I took a particular shut with after just one glance a year later. I like the bokeh on different lenses. I like to use a fast lens in low light. I like to use different legacy lenses. I think I'd get bored with a single lens camera very quickly.

From what I know about the top of the line point & shoot, I would have far less control over things like focus area, exposure area, aperture, shutter speed and ISO than I do with either my D5200 or D90.  Plus, should I wish to use a different lens, I still have that option with the D5200 or D90.  The 18-200 I use isn't as fast as fixed FL lenses - but for low light, the D5200 and D90 have very good noise reduction.

I am not sure this is true. Even with the now long obsolete Sony P&S I had back in 05, I could put it in M mode and choose aperture and shutter speed, there were different exposure and focusing modes, I could select a focus point, etc. The modern fixed lens cameras are much more advanced. You do get faster AF with a DSLR, but that's negated in low light by using a slow lens. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with your approach, but you're using wrong tools for it.

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