Which will be the better camera, GX7 or E-M6?

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Re: Which will be the better camera, GX7 or E-M6?

The GX7 from the leaks and rumors appears to be one very sexy camera.  Now we know that looks isn't everything in a body.  How will it handle and how is the image quality.  My guess is that the C-AF and tracking is not that improved.  If it wasit would have been leaked by now.  I also believe it has a new generation Panasonic sensor and that it will be improved (noise and DR) over the Sony sensor uses in the current Olympus cameras and the GH3.

The upcoming Olympus OMD camera is an unkown at this time.  It appears that the E-M5 is being discontinued in some parts of the world.  So it appears that the next OMD camera is going to be a true  E--M5 replacement and not the OMD-Pro.  If this is the case I will expect to see atleast the E-P5 features in an weather-sealed body, with a built-in EVF-4 and a actual grip, so that there can be atleast one more Fn button over the E-P5.  It will basically be the same size as the current E-M5, maybe a slightly bigger hump for the new EVF and an actual grip.

The big question is if the next OMD gets a new sensor and if the new sensor will have PDAF on it.  If so it might improve the C-AF and tracking.

It is possible that the PDAF on the sensor is going to be on the next E-Series camera that is suppose to be able to take both FT and MFT lenses without an adopter.  With two cameras coming from Olympus by the end of the year the rumors are very confusing.

Anyhow, the GX7 looks to be a real nice camera, but don't know much about the next OMD so I really can not vote on which will be a better camera.  It will most likely that both are good enough and it will come down to personal preferences.  For me I love weather-sealed bodies and dslr style grips.  Then again I do love the faux rangefinder style body and a built-in flash.


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