x100s and its unnecesary softness

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x100s and its unnecesary softness

I've been bothered a bit with lack of detail and smudge-ness of x100s JPGs especially now when I returned from holidays and checked out some landscape photos.

I use x100s mainly for environmental portraits @f2 and I think for that kind of photos there is plenty of detail and nothing to complain about.

Landscape photos are however of sub-optimal quality, no matter what aperture. I thought that the resolution of lens might go down with greater focusing distance since for subjects up to 5m the detail is great.

I think all this is actually obvious from the dpreview x100s review samples other seem to be complaining here about too. I indeed see the same in real world.

As opposed to my X-E1 Adobe Lightroom seems to be producing better detail and sharpness than in-camera JPG (to my great surprise, especially when the general perception I feel is opposite). Truth to be told, this is when sharpness is set to between 40 and 50 however even below it seems to produce more of structure and detail.

Long story short, I have just come across Irident Developer and discovered that the x100s and its lens is just fine and actually of quite impressive quality given its size (apart from its field curvature which is another story). I loaded my landscape RAW file into Irident and all the softness some of us complain about is gone, I am actually quite shocked and despite the fact I know it's been mentioned in this forum I have to post it myself. I've processed just two photos this afternoon but it's like having totally different lens.

My questions are

1) how comes the out of camera JPG is praised above anything else when it really comes short in terms of detail? I suppose it is quite superior in case of X-E1 and X-PRO1 but not quite so for x100s??? (I am aware of nice colours we get in jpg and love Astia film simulation)

2) how comes fuji themselves are not able to provide us with file of highest quality? You can argue they do since they give us RAW but you know what you mean. The JPG could be so much better.

3) are there people out there seeing the same?

If you are interested in my samples I will put them up.



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