Ultrathin DOF at 21mm FOV: Bokehrama

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Re: Ultrathin DOF at 21mm FOV: Bokehrama

I have looked at some of the 'app' bokeh...

It is hard to paint it along the proper 'distance line' from the camera. I mean if I look closely, I can sometimes see bokeh painted in for a bench that appears to be 12 feet from the camera but not painted in for a flower pot that appears to be the same distance away but above the bench. Anyway, hard to describe but I see inconsistencies in application. Missed details.

Also, I see some really unusual patterns where bokeh is drawn across the image at some angle that seems really unusual. I don't think this makes things better. It distracts me to see a streak of in focus grass shoosting across the field. This doesn't well replicate tilt.shift or lens baby. To me. No, just because a lens does it doesn't 'make it right'. I will always think a curved plane of focus prepared by app bokeh is.. odd. Curvature of field is considered a no-no for lenses and maybe this is why I have this bias.

These two things seem to be the most common keys to app bokeh.

There are the lesser amounts of bokeh surrounding objects where the effect has been feathered as the mask approaches edges. This isn't an oversight in selecting objects on the same plane or unusual patterns/distribution of focus plane. It is just lesser skill in painting masks and can be learned.

Also, the transition to 'out of focus' seems to be quite abrupt sometimes. Real bokeh transitions can be abrupt depending on distance of different objects, but the app bokeh is sometimes applied in a way where the transition is sharp. This also is probably a skill-with-masks thing and can be improved.

I think the bokeh app is a thing. I am not sure it can really replace lens bokeh, yet. It takes great skill with masks, restraint and subtlety, and attention to detail.

Really, I just see app bokeh as a whole separate endeavor. It is as separate as HDR is from not-HDR. HDR can be subtle but often isn't. Same for bokeh app.

And the other thing app bokeh seems to miss is the type of out of focus.  I will admit, I have not studied different bokeh software, but the examples I have seen show...  soft elements.  Lens bokeh isn't always about soft and mushy.  There can be different effects included in the 'soft'.  Maybe some app bokeh apps replicate this and I just haven't been.. exposed to them.

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