Shooting RAW, the #1 advantage over in-camera JPEGs...? Better JPEGs!

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Re: Why do you think you have to convert people?

Mike_PEAT wrote:

FrankieJ wrote:

My point being, you can make a better JPEG by starting with RAW and processing externally.
It's not as complex as some would like you to believe it is. By using a preset, you can equal or surpass in-camera JPEG processing with no individualized tweaking, but that always remains an option for when you advance more.

I'm amazed that people continue the same JPEG Versus RAW argument when it's RAW AND JPEG, not OR.

And I'm amazed that people keep thinking they have to convert people, like missionaries trying to convert the "uneducated" natives.

I know what raw can do, I also know it takes a LOT longer to process than getting it right in the camera in the first place. And before you say it, batch processing is not possible do to what I have to do to my images at work.

I have been editing JPEGs since the format was INVENTED...I got my JPEG workflow down to less than a minute per image. RAW just wastes to much time, for what I have to do at work.

never time myself. but, i take little, if any, more for the adjustments i typically make to convert jpeg from raw. why should your work requirements be a factor in advice for most photographers in a "beginners" forum?

My personal images are another story

for myself, and i would guess, for most others in this forum all my images are my "personal images". and you beg the question how do you handle your personal images?

So why do you feel the need for posting this

why do you?

if i were to fault the op it would be for stating the obvious. jpeg is the file format most of us have the most use for. my take on it is if you regularly tweak your images for just the simplest of things. brightness, contrast, sharpness etc. want to adjust wb at times. why not start with a file format that has all the data your camera captured?

raw should not intimidate people. it is not harder to work with than jpeg.

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