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Re: One lens vs. multiple lenses

kpenner wrote:

trut_maluglist wrote:

I looked at a couple of your galleries. (Tangmo and Water Town). These are neat photos. But the quality doesn't look any better than what I'm getting with my D90 & 18-200.

All of these were taken with my D5000 & 18-200 lens

I've noticed that none of your photos have a shallow depth of field. This could have made a good number of them a LOT more appealing (the bull for example). I'm also amazed with how much noise you're getting in photos that are being shot at ISO 320. Lastly, a tilt/shift lens would have made the 3rd last and 4th last photos infinitely better.

I understand why you like your lens, and the reasons behind not wanting to change them all the time. What I don't understand is your inability to see why we do enjoy the need to change lenses.

After typing this I took a look at your other galleries as well. Everything I've previously said still applies. The images of your dog could have greatly benefited from a faster lens.

I'm not professional, nor have I been doing this long (it's been just over a year since I've taken photos with a camera vs a cell phone), but I do appreciate that all types of gear has its place.

Thanks for the feedback.  Note that the photo of the bull is at 26 mm.  Yes, the lens opens up to 3.5 (at that FL), but I've been using it long enough to know that at 26 mm - and being far enough away from the subject - the buildings in the background would have still been in focus.  More to the point, had I been carrying around multiple lenses, I would have been encumbered with carrying around a much larger pack (perhaps a backpack) and I would have had to spend a lot more time changing lenses.

Noise at ISO 320?  Which photos show a lot of noise at ISO 320?

What is a tilt/shift lens?  Is that one which removes the wide angle distortion?  I also could have done better on those two if I had my real tripod with me.  But to see everything I wanted to see, it was imperative to travel light.

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