Is a DP right for me?

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What about DP1M + DP3M vs SD1 vs SD15?

Sorry to thread-jack but I didn't want to start a whole new thread for my little question! - I am in a somewhat similar boat to the OP, I have a 6D kit that I'm mostly plenty happy with and has gobs of low light potential (my kits normally consist of 3 primes, maybe an ultra wide and very very rarely a telephoto).

I have been looking at Foveon cameras for years longing for one since the SD9. My interest piqued with the SD1 and DPMs but I still haven't done anything about it (ok one thing which i'll get to in a sec).

Anyway point is I don't need super high ISO shooting, 100-400 will be fine. I also already have an EOS-M and X-E1 as portable kits for different jobs.

Anyway, a while back I somewhat on a whim bought a brand new Sigma 50mm f1.4 in SA mount because it was a) ridiculously cheap @ $60 and b) I've always wanted to dabble in foveon land and it would give me a high quality lens to do that with.

Now i am trying to decide what the beat option would be if i want somw foveon goodness. Normally I don't like a 50-ish FoV, so the DP2m is out. My real options are as follows:

DP1m + DP3m - I don't think I could do just one, I would always be longing for a wide/short tele (again I never use 'normal' FLs).
SD1 - Use with my 50mm and try to pick up a cheapo but decentish wide. Slightly more $$$ than the DP pair but gives a few more options later on.
SD15 - Buy cheap SD15, use with current 50mm and maybe splash out on new 18-35mm f1.8 while waiting for SD1 to be replaced / price drop.

As I say high ISO not a concern. But it seems to me that the DPMs seem to have a more 'mature' SD1M sensor that gets better colours and does less 'funky' business or am I completely imagining this? So if the sensor was much the same it would sway me more towards the SD1 with a potential 18-35mm, but otherwise more keen on the DPM pair.

Also any thoughts on a cheap ($300ish) SD15?

Lastly - Does anyone know of anyone using any kind of wide adapters with the DP1M? I have heard of people using the Panasonic one designed for the 14mm pancake on the 19mm DN which is relatively (but not completely) similar - Any thoughts?

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