Vignetting in RAW Converter EX by Silkypix

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Arises only after development

Lloydy wrote:

prime wrote:

More recently, I have played around with the Fujifilm RAW Converter EX by Silkypix standalone software program, working on the same .RAF file that I had used in the earlier thread .

... I presume you are referring to Jpeg's developed in RFC EX ?

Thank you for joining into the discussion, Dave. Fujifilm's official monicker for the program is [all caps] RAW FILE CONVERTER EX [lower case] powered by [all caps] SILKYPIX. When installed on a Mac, the software program shows up in Finder as I call it Silkypix EX for short.

I don't really get any vignetting effect.

The original OOC JPEG file that the XF1 produced showed no visible vignetting. The JPEG file that I produced from the associated .RAF (RAW) file using the in-camera firmware RAW converter showed no visible vignetting. (Both of those JPEGs are posted in the link "earlier thread" higher up in this message.)

While I was working with the same .RAF within Silkypix EX. no vignetting showed on-screen. It was only after developing in Silkypix EX that the resulting JPEG showed severe vignetting. Obviously, the vignetting was inserted -- added -- during developing.

However, have a look at the attached tutorial and particularly the screen shot of my desk top layout for the RFC EX.

I shall take a look at it. Thank you for sharing.

The control I use to fix/add any vignetting is the one at top right 'Lens Aberration Controller/Shading'.

The problem would be that, because NO vignetting showed up before developing, I would be flying blind as to how much correction to add -- and I would not be correcting anything in the original file, but only pre-correcting for something that Silkypix would add later during developing.

Silkypix EX created JPEG

Maximum vignetting correction applied by PTLens program

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