What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

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... to be a reasonably fast, cheap, PRIME lens of normal FL

vjk2 wrote:

- not WR and does not have quickshift, and also plastic mount not metal. Should really be DAL series.

Not WR - so that's the same as the Limited series.  Plastic is much cheaper than metal and modern engineering plastics are designed to be tough enough for their job.

- 18-55 kit lens is comparable at 35mm but also gets you the useful 18mm range for architecture shots

It's nothing like comparable: where their speeds overlap (and before diffraction equalises things) the 35 has up to 28% better resolution and half the fall-off.  In fact, at its widest it's almost as good as the 18-55's best.

the 35 is a prime lens: if you want a zoom to give different FLs don't buy a prime.  But many people actually prefer the experience of shooting with primes for its own sake, as well as the better IQ that primes usually give.

- 50mm f1.4 has better low light. F2.4 isn't really that much an improvement over the 18-55's f4-ish in that range.

But the 50/1.4 also has 2/3 the AOV.  50mm is the easiest lens to make fast, which is why most makers have cheap, fast 50s.  Making the 35 faster would make it bigger and more expensive; but it was introduced because many people were demanding a cheap normal prime.

1.1/2 stops is a significant improvement: depending on circumstances it cam make the difference between camera blur and sharp shots; or between excessive noise and acceptable noise.  With the better resolution it offers over the 18-55 you might not need to stop down so far, so the improvement could be more like 3 stops than 1.1/2.

Only good thing is the low weight and size. Otherwise, I don't really see a good reason to keep it around.

The main thing about it is that it's a prime.  If that's not what you want don't keep it.

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