why has the 16mm f2.8 got such a bad rep?

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Re: Field curvature and camera behavior?

parallaxproblem wrote:

It is also the only E lens that can typically be purchased new at half price. And for $150, this is a remarkable impressive lens, if you use it with some thoughts - leave iAuto, stop down the lens, tolerate higher ISO.

Not in Europe it can't... Even second hand prices are greater than that

My local price comparison puts the cheapest at just under CHF300 (not in stock) and the in-stock price at CHF330, and that hasn't changed since the lens was released

I agree that for those prices, it's not a bargain at all.  I tend to agree with the theory that there are product control issues, as I've seen incredible variance in shots posted from this lens, including shots by the same person who went through multiple copies with significantly different results.  But I still consider a good copy of this lens to be a bargain for $150, which is the going rate for refurb or used copies in the U.S. at least:

KEH eMount Fixed lenses

So is the problem with Sony's lens, or with Europe's prices, or Sony's pricing in Europe?  Either way, those of us in the US have a good bargain price on these lenses.  I picked mine up for $150 refurbed at the Sony Store in my local mall, and I got a very good copy - so for me, it was a definite bargain, especially since I added the ECu1 for another $100 - that's $250 all in for a 12mm F2.8 prime AND a 16mm F2.8 prime was a pretty solid deal.

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