RX1 on the Amalfi Coast

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Ray Sachs
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Re: RX1 on the Amalfi Coast

Krocket wrote:

Great shots, indeed! I too, love the Amalfi coast- have stayed in Praiano many times- We find it alot quieter than touristy Positano, but they are both amazing for getting awesome shots, day or night. One of the most beautiful areas of the Italian coast!

Praiano is a lot quieter than Positano, which is both good and bad. I liked the laid back feeling of just walking down to the Bar del Sole for an espresso in the morning, a glass of wine or a gelato in the evening. And the beaches are busy enough to be well served, but a lot mellower than those in Positano.

BUT... Its also just a less interesting place. There's less cool architecture. There are walkways and staircases aplenty, but they're just not nearly as interesting as the many many more in Positano. And there's just a nice energy in Positano, particularly if you get away from the central area around the beach where it's ALL TOURISTS, all the time. I'm not claiming to be anything other than a tourist myself, but I really enjoyed staying in Positano up high above Bar International where its mostly locals with just a few longer term tourists mixed in. After a few days there, the locals start treating you like you almost belong.

As a photographer, I found Positano a vastly more interesting place. Praiano has one amazing thing going for it - the view FROM there of the whole coast from Positano out toward Capri. My favorite barista in Positano said that Praiano is a sleepy boring little village and "the nicest thing about Praiano is the view of Positano"! I wouldn't go that far, but I take his point. Overall, I loved both places, but I had more fun walking around and shooting in Positano than in Praiano...

What camera do you believe took the best shots? Thanks for sharing- krocket57

They each had a different job and each did it well. Since 28mm is my most natural focal length, the Nikon Coolpix A and the Sigma DP1M (a loaner I was checking out) probably got the best shots out of me overall. But when I wanted to go wider, the XE1 with the  14mm lens was awesome and when I wanted to go for something a little closer to neutral with stunning IQ, the RX1 got a LOT of work too, particularly in lower light where it was clearly the best of the bunch. The OMD got relatively little work, mostly just there for catching family candids, but it did its job great too. The RX1 is clearly the best all around camera of the bunch, but the Sigma is astounding in good light, the Nikon is a great all-rounder that's just a little behind the RX1 in a focal length that I see more naturally in. And I have a real soft spot for the Fuji colors and that 14mm lens too. I was lucky to have and enjoy some great gear with me!


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