What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

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Re: What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

Once I got the 35mm I cursed myself for not buying it ages ago, being so cheap - it would have done wonders to my old K100D body.

Now on the K-5 it was a permanent fixture at some point, but then again maybe my LBA doesn't have the budget to match

Some pics I took with it: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=da35mmf24al&w=elanaiba&adv=1&mt=all&ct=6&m=tags

Now, for me its a cheap route to a fast, sharp and nicely rendering prime that is not old and manual focus

I mainly needed it to take pics of my tollder; 35mm is wider and better than 50mm to track the kid indoors in a normal size apartment, while the relatively fast aperture is good for low light and of course getting nice DOF separation in close spaces.

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