why has the 16mm f2.8 got such a bad rep?

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Re: Part of it is... the language from reviewers...

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It seems to be fashionable to bash Sony Nex lenses but I have this lens and the wide angle adapter and enjoy using it!

It's a fun lens.  Even if you feel it's flawed, I look at it as a low-cost way to get into UWA.  In real-world use, it doesn't seem as bad as many critics imply.  I have enjoyed the lens, and was kind of annoyed to find that I avoided it so long because of the negativity.

Nice shots by the way!

Note the difference (both from Photozone), for 24mm (FF) FOV:

Sony 16mm:

"The Sony lens produces a slight amount of pincushion distortion (~0.6%) which is usually not objectionable in field conditions"

Canon 24mm f/1.4 USM LII:

"The lens generates slight to moderate barrel distortion (~1.4%) which is pretty good for a moderate ultra-wide angle lens."

Oh but it's CANON, so it MUST be pretty good!  (rolling eyes)

Good catch! People seem to love bashing this lens, which even in their tests shows reasonably good central sharpness, despite the corner fall-off (as much due to field curvature as anything - did making a 16mm so small require the very convex front element which might cause that?).

Field curvature is going to make it hard to compare using typical test charts, I would think.   Even Lensrentals, which said that the 16mm is the worst Nex lens, shows that it has pretty good center sharpness.

There's no doubt that the corners are odd on this lens, though.

Its performance/flare control/distortion/UWA & fisheye adaptability/fast focus/price/size/weight/speed combination are great!

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