D7000 meter shows LO even though camera picks 1/10, 1/8

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Re: D7000 meter shows LO even though camera picks 1/10, 1/8

zzzzzzzzzzz wrote:

I was shooting my D7000 on a tripod at night in Aperture priority and I noticed that the meter often showed "LO" with the meter blinking and no EV reading shown. When I took the picture a shutter of around 1/8 or 1/10 was used. A shutter speed this high should not be showing LO in the meter.

I tried all three metering modes and when I pointed the camera around brighter areas of the scene I saw the meter indicate shutter speeds over 1/15 and when I pointed to darker areas I got "LO" as soon as the meter was about to drop below 1/15. I actually got the meter to show shutters below 1/15 a few times, but I'm not sure how I did it.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? It seems wrong to me.

Old post, but try this:

Switch on the camera, select Aperture priority, open up the lens to its widest (say f/3.5), then switch on Live View, then stop down to something suitable for landscape (say f/11). The display should then show shutter speeds right down to 30 secs. For some reason, that I haven't worked out yet, the camera will display "Lo" instead of the actual shutter speed if you switch on Live View after you've stopped down the lens (to say f/11) in low light conditions.

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