Is a DP right for me?

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Re: What about a DP2 vs a DPm

WT21 wrote:

I've found a DP2 listed for less than $200. Would this be a good "starter" camera into the DP world, or is it so slow/old/quirky that it could turn me off from the DPs?

The DP2 is slower than the DP2M in operations. Faster in writing to the card. DP2 has 3 photos in burste and you cannot work the camera while it writes to the card. It is a RAW only camera (jpgs are no good). But for street photography you can use manual focusing by setting the focusing wheel to a set distance and then it will shoot without lag. Like the Richo GR snap focus.

DP2M has a 7 picture buffer so there are never any problem that you cannot take the photo you want. When people say that it slow because it takes long time to write the 50Mb per image RAW files, it is only if you need to review your photos every time you have taken one. I have not been able to fill the 7 picture buffer. And you can change settings while it writes to card.

However, I would have tried the DP2 out (especially for $200), because if you are not convinced by the IQ to tolerate a slightly different shooting technique, then you will maybe not like DP2M either.

Here is a shootout I did to compare the DP2 and DP2M:

I will shortly have the RAW files uploaded for download so stay tuned.

PS: The Sigma Photo Pro RAW converter program is available for free from Sigmas web pages, so you can test it with RAW files.

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Lightwriting with Sigma

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