One lens vs. multiple lenses

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Re: Because...

trut_maluglist wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

...I have my doubts that one lens could produce these photos:

Were the landscape photos shot with a prime lens?

All were shot with primes.

For example

If so, is the photo significantly sharper due to the lens? The camera? Post-editing? Shot in raw? While it's not extremely important to me, I'd like to achieve that kind of sharpness.

Well, the 100 / 2 is a pretty sharp lens, especially at f/5.6.  That said, at 1200 x 800 pixels, what lens isn't sharp?  Here's a 4 MP compact:

Here's a 3 MP compact:

Given that 1200 x 800 pixels is a 1 MP file, even 3 MP can get the job done.

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