Loving my Ricoh GR! Here are several photos at various ISOs

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Re: Loving my Ricoh GR! Here are several photos at various ISOs

hello Bryan

Glad you are enjoying your GR.however I am a bit at loss with some of the examples you posted . maybe some were not shot at the speed you indicated because they have nO exif data but one has to wonder what would require 3200 iso on the first shot. the broken window shot supposedly at 800 ASA is vastly over-exposed .

I know people love to test the limits of their camera but this I am not sure

Am I missing something here ?


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Sure, your question isn't unreasonable. I tend to shoot with very high shutter speeds because my shots are often very quick (although precise framing). I also have a slight tremor in my hands which gives me a 1 or 2 stop disadvantage compared to most people.

With the GR I'm not too concerned about having a shallow depth of field so I'm usually shooting at f8 or f11. Also with the exception if the Broken glass photo it was a cloudy day in Chicago so I was pushing the ISO more than usual. I probably could have shot the Broken glass photo at ISO 400 but keep in mind what I said above...

That doesn't mean I won't post ISO 100 and 200 shots in the future but it will also probably be at f/2.8 to f/4.5 range which I haven't found much appropriate for with 28mm yet. Maybe this will change

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