why has the 16mm f2.8 got such a bad rep?

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Re: why has the 16mm f2.8 got such a bad rep?

parallaxproblem wrote:

dholl wrote:

it's a cheap, maybe the cheapest AF lens for NEX

Cheapest you can buy it here is $330, which isn't cheap at all by my standards. Look at Sigma if you want to see good, cheap AF lenses for NEX

the softness compliments most skin-types so is good for portrait-photography

24mm equivalent is not really an ideal portrait lens

, not too far off the gentle-blurring seen in Canikon's Soft-Focus specialist primes.

Generally, the IQ when stopped down is relatively decent, good clarity & colours...easily as good as kit zooms.

Can't agree on this, I find the 18-55 much better in terms of IQ

What have I missed in this story?

Quality control... many of these E16/2.8 lenses appear to be decentered, which is very noticable and very annoying with a lens like this, which tends to exhibit soft corners/edges

I don't complain about the specified peformance as this lens is what it is (ie. nothing special but very compact and allowing two very useful converters to turn it into 12mm equivalent and a fisheye), but it is very annoying that Sony don't seem able to put it together properly. I have two copies of this lens and both are decentered, I sent the worst example back to Sony for repair and they accepted that the problem existed but stated that it was less bad in this respect than their 'reference' copy. We can therefore conclude that there are many awful copies of this lens in circulation and that Sony are quite happy to keep releasing them in this state onto the market! They deserve a spanking for such behaviour

Your photos are nice, and if you have a good copy of the E16/2.8 then you can be happy

As you said, it could be a QC problem. Your 18-55 may have no QC issues but your 16 could be a bit off.

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