25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

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Re: 25mm as single-lens for OM-D?

Abrak wrote:

It really doesnt make a lot of sense to buy an interchangeable lens camera and then only put one lens on it.

I would disagree with this statement. One focal length can teach you a lot about photography, how to work around problems, what types of limitations call for a lens change vs. another solution, and how to to "see" from a focal length.

If the OP finds themselves limited, the real point of the ILC comes into play: they can purchase another lens. But there is no hard and fast rule that one must have tons of lenses. I believe it was David Allan Harvey who was known for "one camera, one lens." Most of his stuff was shot with a 35mm lens.

And speaking of questionable conventional rules... Harvey also shot some of his "Rio" book with a Panasonic GF-1! So much for the tech talk around here that we need huge sensors!

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