Sony 55-300 Comparison

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Re: Sony 55-300 Comparison

Larnus wrote:

Thanks very much for the review - I found it very useful too! I had the same dilemma with regards to purchasing the same 3 lenses - and decided to go with the Sony! The fact that Sony HK sent a promotion to my e-mail yesterday morning to buy the 55-300 for about $190 helped things greatly too!

At the end of the day, image quality then followed by focus speed is important to me. Up till now I've had to use a Nikon 100-300 AIS F/5.6 - and sorely missed autofocus at the long end. Now I have the perfect match for my free LA-EA2 adapter (thank you again Sony!) for my NEX - and perhaps the lightest lens in this class. Perhaps Sony are finally trying to shed off their expensive reputation or treating their loyal customers better?

Hi Lamus

Can you share the promotion link?

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