NEX7 EVF Eye Cup...possibly a very simple, very workable, inexpensive solution

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I thank everyone who pointed me to the Canon FD eyecup. I ordered two of them on Tuesday and they came both on Friday (from different bay-vendors, $ ten total cost). On Saturday I had my NEX 7 viewfinder problem solved:

I am far sighted and wear glasses all the time. The Sony eyecup put my eye (already behind glasses) way too far away to be able to view the whole image plus the camera data. Taking the eyecup off worked well in so far as I now could see everything very well, but my glasses were viciously scratched and within 2  I had to buy new lenses for the glasses. D...

What to do? I bought glue backed green velvet at the hardware store and cut out templates after templates that would then be glued around the periphery (where the glasses touch and got scratched)  of the viewfinder. These each lasted a little while till the glue got lose and ended up smearing the glasses instead. Bah! Until this post came along:

This is how I built a thin rubber surround of the viewfinder edge on the NEX 7. Cut off the little flaps on the back of the left and right sides of eyecup window so that the leftover piece fits all around the side walls of the NEX viewfinder. Then chop everything off the Canon eyecup adjacent (on the outside) of the vertical edges of the eyecup window rectangle [ I do not need to shield my eyes in harsh sunlight, I never felt the need for it, so why should I have that partial sphere at all?] Now the Canon eyecup looks just like a rectangular picture frame without glass, 90 % lighter .... I used a single sided razor blade for this. I also took off the 4 corner elevations coming from its spherical shape and made it flat on its back side, my face side. A bit of superglue on the four corners did the rest. Except that I then took a sharp nail file and rounded out the edges where the glasses will touch.

Nice project and quite useful, so I hope. (I do not have a second camera to show the outcome, sorry.)

But I will keep my second Canon FD eyecup just in case. And yes after a bit of filing the bottom edge, the sceeen is now again completely free to move.

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