RX1 on the Amalfi Coast

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Re: RX1 on the Amalfi Coast

Steve D4 RX 1 wrote:

Never been... Some day.

Incredible place - I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Beautiful images.


As an aside; how would you compare the IQ of the Nikon A versus the RX 1?

I'm a life long Nikon guy but purchased the Sony RX 1 over the"A."

In terms of IQ, the RX1 and the Sigma DP1M were head and shoulders above anything else I had with me (or anything else I've shot with). The RX1 is great in all conditions. The Sigma is absolutely unbelievable at ISO 100-200 but not much use at all in low light (although you can get some nice B&W out of it in low light if you manipulate the color channels enough).

The Nikon isn't as good, but its still incredibly good. And for an incredibly small camera that easily fits in a pocket, its performance and IQ are really quite amazing. Overall I'd say its my favorite camera, mostly because 28mm is my favorite focal length and I do a lot of street shooting, and the Nikon has a couple of features that I find invaluable for street work. So, I'd say the RX1 is easily better, but the Nikon is more than good enough 95+ percent of the time. Its quite good in low light, just not quite AS good as the RX1. And in good light I'd say its comparable, although its lens, while very good, just isn't quite as sublime as the RX1's lens. If I had to only have one, I'd choose the Nikon because its more suited to more of what I do and I can literally have it with me in pretty much any circumstance. But I'm glad I have both - they're both wonderful cameras and the two I shot with the most on this trip and in general....

Here are a few Nikon shots to show it off in various different contexts:


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