Brightness on XZ-1 screen is very poor. Is VF-2 worth it?

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Re: Brightness on XZ-1 screen is very poor. Is VF-2 worth it?

I wonder if the main problem with the XZ-1 is it has an Amoled screen. Whilst these are bright and colourful indoors they do seem to fade away outdoors. When I had a XZ-1 I also had a Nikon P7100 and always found it ironic that the camera with the OVF had the easier LCD to use outdoors. I find the Samsung Amoled screen on my EX2f is equally poor. I currently have an E-PL2 which definitely needs the VF-3 outdoors. The VF3 is useful for framing but I do not think the colours and brightness match the image you get.

I believe the XZ-2 has an LCD which probably improves visibility. I do wonder given the different reactions people have to rear displays if people actually do have different abilities to see these screens. My blue eyes have light coloured irises and I wonder if these being more transparent and hence less efficient at stopping down the light cause problems in bright light conditions with discriminating between reflection and screen image. It is a bit like having a camera with semi transparent aperture blades which I am sure would hit the IQ a bit. Possibly for this and other reasons some of us struggle without viewfinders and others do not.

tanniewu wrote:

I have XZ-1 for nearly 2 yrs, and then now I mainly use XZ-2. I seldom use VF-3 on it... in reality I don't find much difficulty in seeing the LCD even in bright sunlight when I have to turn on the ND filter. I don't even need to turn up the brightness of the screen either. I have the wonder perhaps your camera really have some problem with it??

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