the D4x is coming.

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Re: the D4x is coming.

I'm surprised to see some anticipate a upgraded D4. Nikon won't stab its customers in the back by releasing a upgraded D4 (D4s or whatever) so soon.
Remember this is about marketing, the D4x will be designed to not eat into the market of the D4.
The D800 holds the best sensor (in an "controlled environment"). But then again, not everyone enjoys a half plastic body with a built in flash when your used to something which fits perfectly in your hand.
So I personally think there's 2 ways it can go with the D4x;
1. It may just be a D800 with a pro body and dual card slots, however any rise in FPS will make it eat into the D4 market.
2. It will be something which D800 owners will be drooling over. But also for a 3x or higher price. And again, something which wont be competing with the D4.

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