Loving my Ricoh GR! Here are several photos at various ISOs

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Re: Loving my Ricoh GR! Here are several photos at various ISOs

Thank you!

I usually alter between snap focus and pinpoint focus modes... By default it's on snap focus and I made the effect button change the distance... I usually do 1 or 1.5m with a fairly small aperture like f/8 when I want to get close and capture action. I use Manual settings on the dial so I can put the ISO between 800 and 3200 when I do use snap focus mode so that way my subject isn't too blurry if it's in motion.

However, when I see that I have time to get the photo or pre visualize I will use pointpoint focus and lower my ISO and shutter speeds as necessary to get a little bit better quality of an image. The one you like best and the River Walk photo were both pinpoint focus. I focused on the advertisement and waited for people to walk by close to parallel and on the rule of 3rds line as possible and chose the one I liked best.

The only focusing issues I've had with the GR is that it can be fairly slow in the dark (but still seems accurate) and if I'm shooting something behind glass it usually focuses on the glass despite how close to the glass I am. I tried the "manual focus" mode and couldn't really do it... I used magnify on the focusing area but it's too hard to see with any magnification (this is difficult to explain).

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