18-55 or 18-135 for SL1???

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Re: 18-55 or 18-135 for SL1???

nghiacc wrote:

New to Dslr here but just bought the SL1 with 18-55stm. I love it as it is light as feather. The combo is just about the same weight with my old S2 IS. I can hang it around my neck or put on my small backpack while I am cycling. Someone can still leave with a fixed lens like fuji x100.s so I think there is enough flexibility to my type of shooting already, but the extra reach is really nice. My suggestion is that if you go with SL1, better you stick with lightweight setup. Otherwise you may look for other options like 700D, Nikon, or from Mirrorless offerring.

Congratulations on the new camera and welcome to the Canon-side.  The SL1 is doing its job as a "gateway drug" just fine. 

I find it interesting that you compare it to the S2 IS.  I owned the S1, S2 and S5 and to think of a DSLR being about that small/light is mind boggling to me.  It's a pity the system size grows from there since the 17-55 STM and 40mm pancake and some of the non-L primes are about as small as you get for lens that fit EF-s or EF mounts.

Yes, it is really surprise. I didn't like bulky systems, and changing lenses, however it is time I need to care a bit more about the IQ :-). Just a correction that Sl1 combo is light but no way as small and versatile as my trusty S2. Maybe with the 40stm it is small but loosing out the zoom. However I can tell this is LIGHT!

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