Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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Re: They always fail out of nowhere!

Peter Del wrote:

Thanks everyone for your contributions. I thought I was being clever by buying two machines as it was impossible for both of them to cease working at the same time, but astonishingly both of them did fail on the same day (and no, I don't have any recalcitrant children running amok). Tomorrow I have a tekky person taking a look.

Peter - the strategy was sound, but you probably bought them at the same time, yes?  One of the conclusions coming out of wide scale examination of disk failures (see Google in particular) is that there is a tendency for bad/failing units to come in batches.  In response, some have taken to deliberately buying two different models, or in the case of RAID where you prefer to use the same, buying the same model from different sources to ensure different production runs.

still seems like very bad luck, or maybe a power problem.   You can mitigate power worries with a UPS that does voltage regulation.  Unfortunately, that's usually not the smaller ones, but refurb'd SmartAPCs can be found online for as low as $200.

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