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It's great for my fill flash photography Jim...

I don't use AF-ON for songbirds, no buffer issues there, colour is good and it's great to be able to separate exposure comp and flash comp. Although the noise in the darker areas can be worse than the D300 and D300s, it cleans up much better.

Now that I'm shooting wading birds it's a mixed bag. When I get close and use the 500 f4 at f4 to f5 it's great. The shots really pop! When the herons take off the tracking is good. When the birds are further out and I'm shooting with the TC I don't see much improvement over the D300/s, and only get about 67% as many shots in a given sequence as I'd get with the D300/s. For birds in flight in good light I prefer the D300s.

When the D400 arrives this will be my backup camera.

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