Do you really see THAT much difference in images?

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I think it's the opposite

John Miles wrote:

The image quality I follow obeys two criteria:

  1. Was it taken quickly enough - did I get the shot. This is the best image quality of all; the shot you didn't miss.

Maybe if you are an investigative reporter, or work with celebrities, on assignment, etc. then taking a legible shot is all that matters. I strongly suspect that the problem for an average person with a camera is quite the opposite: they take way too many pictures, 99.9(9)% of which are crappy. They need to slow down and think before pressing that button. I always recommend to start shooting with a fast normal prime, a manual one at that, not with a slow wide angle zoom. That will slow you down and force to think about framing, DOF, exposure, etc. Otherwise, people never learn to take anything but the proverbial P&S pictures with any camera, because all that is required from them is to point the lens to the south/north/east/west and push the button: the angle is wide, the aperture is small -- everything fits, everything in focus, -- and the picture sucks.

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