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Sincere thanks (and a tangential rant directed elsewhere)

Ted Wilson wrote:

prime wrote:

Aperture Help says:

To show the Filter HUD for a selected project, you click the Filter HUD button (with a magnifying glass) next to the search field in the Browser.

You are clicking in the wrong place. Look all the way to the right. Click on the magnifying glass in the dark square, not the one in the search window. You are clicking on the search window on the left side above the projects.

Thank you, Ted; that was very helpful.  It does bring into focus some features/bugs in Aperture, the kind that drive me to distraction sometimes.

  1. As you correctly point out, I was clicking on the wrong magnifying glass.  In your screen shot, there are two search fields in the browser.  But the Aperture Help refers th the "... button (with a magnifying glass next to the search field in the Browser."  One might think that when there are two search fields, the Help screen would specify which one rather than refer to "the" search field, wouldn't one?
  2. In my copy of Aperture, the "correct" search field is visible only in Split View; it is suppressed or hidden in "Browser" view and in "Viewer" view.  (That is why I did not see it:  I was in Browser view.)  In Split View, the search window appears below the window for the featured photograph and above the filmstrip at the bottom of Aperture; the search window does not appear at the right of the toolbar at the top of Aperture as it does in your screenshot.  One might think that such an important tool would be accessible in all modes of the viewer, not just in Split View. 
  3. The reason I was looking for the Filter HUD in the first place was that I had imported some RAW+JPEG files from my camera into Aperture.  At the time of import of RAW+JPEG files one must specify -- apparently irrevocably, it turns out -- whether the RAW or the JPEG half of the pair will be the "original" for the file.  However, if at the time of import one specifies the JPEG (as I did) as the original, then the RAW file apparently cannot be accessed at all from within Aperture, which makes importing RAW+JPEG rather than JPEG-only pretty much pointless.  (Please tell me that I am wrong; I really want to be wrong on that point.)
  4. I had planned, therefore, to filter only the RAW files that I had imported as half of the RAW+JPEG pairs and move those RAW files to a separate project, where -- presumably -- I could work with them.  However, the Filter HUD will not allow me to do that.  If I try to filter for RAW files within a Project that contains RAW+JPEG pairs, I get zero results; but if I filter for RAW+JPEG files, I get the siamesed files, both RAW and JPEG; and if I move those to a new Project, the JPEG remains the original, the RAW half of each pair remains "in jail," and Aperture continues to prevent me from working with the RAW files.

Sometimes I wonder if the people who designed Aperture have actually tried to use Aperture.

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