What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

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Re: What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

I think you are right to not worry too much about the difference between 35 and 40mm.

Basically, the 40mm has the quick shift feature.  It is smaller.  Not sure how weights compare.  I also don't know about other metrics like chromatic aberration but that can be had at a review site.

Versus the kit, I think the extra 1.5 stops of aperture issignificant.  For TimA2's work in a church, that could mean the difference between 1/15 second and 1/45 second, all else equal.

For you decision between the 40 and 35, the 35 would give that 1/45 second and the 40mm would give 1/30 second...  There will be a point where the half stop is critical but it depends on where you use the lens.  Tim's churches can be quite dim.  f/2.4, 1/45, ISO 800 or more dim, I imagine.

If you envision use indoors without flash (as church or museum), the extra half stop might be important.

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